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    Puff Mistress is an all-inclusive boutique store specializing in lingerie, sleepwear, active wear, and other niche intimate items. Our goal is to provide sensual and sexy tools to aid in helping our clients see and BE sexy for themselves first! Every piece is hand-picked with my clients in mind.

    My Story

    Ebony Williamsis a serial entrepreneur who has a passion for helping others. She has a corporate background in both finance and nonprofit industries. Ebony harnessed the skills
    she attained in those fields and combined them with her love for lingerie and her desire to empower others to create Puff Mistress Mentionables. She uses lingerie as a vehicle toward self-love as Puff Mistress represents a larger movement of kindness towards oneself and others.


    I love seeing people who can just
    stand comfortably in their own skin and do not care of what anyone else thinks about. That trait makes them so sexy and attractive. That kind of Confidence is Absolutely Beautiful and feels empowering!


    Ebony’s personal self-care journey began with a Lupus diagnosis. She found confidence and empowerment in her journey for a healthier lifestyle and lost 70 pounds in the process. The journey made her realize what was REALLY important! Her experience also revealed the limits of available lingerie that both fit and made her feel sexy. That journey is why she ensures her brand represents every beautiful body type. “I am so passionate about people loving the skin that they are in enough to ignore others judgement and opinions!” Ebony’s belief, and The Puff Mistress motto, “Be Sexy for Yourself First”, represents one way to channel your inner self-love journey.

    Lingerie can be delicate, and beautiful, and spicy, and kinky, and frilly, and girly, and sweet. You can assume each of those characteristics with each piece once you put them on. I am so passionate about people loving the skin that they are in! It doesn't matter what stage you are in on your body journey.

    Put on your lingerie...Put on your heels...Model in front of the mirror and

    I look forward to helping you find the perfect pieces to bring out your
    lingerie persona.