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    Ambassador Program


    Thank you for your interest in our Ambassador Program!! We are honored and thrilled you want to be part of something huge, and we want to give all of you a chance at working more closely with our brand and what we stand for.

    Puff Mistress Mentionables is a motivational lingerie brand which launched in February 2020. Our message caters primarily to the empowerment of people who wish to be free of the judgement and ridicule of others. We promote our message by maintaining our core values of self-love, self-care, fearlessness, and boldness.

    If you have any questions or need clarification on anything you’ve read, please email us at:

    What is a Puff Mistress Ambassador?

    A Puff Mistress Ambassador is an ambassador of Puff Mistress Mentionables whom helps to promote Puff Mistress and the brand’s message consistently through one's personal social media platforms & word of mouth.

    Our ambassador program comes with: 

    • 10% Off Public Discount Code
    • 20% cash commissions for every sale that is made with your Public Discount Code or when a customer makes a purchase by shopping through your link.
    • A Welcome Gift in the mail.
    • 2 free lingerie pieces sent to you once per month for you to promote on your platforms.

    What are the requirements of me if I was to become an ambassador?

    To help us grow our message & reach more people that our message would benefit:

    • Actively spread our message by posting quality posts about our brand via your social media pages and stories with at least 4 Puff Mistress-related IG posts each month.
    • Create new Launch-related posts on your social platform.
    • Collaboration/Giveaway-related posts.
    • Helping us promote upcoming launches on your social media page.
    • Attending the ambassador meet & greet video meeting.
    • Promoting your discount code on your social media pages.
    • When we host collaborations/giveaways, ambassadors are expected to help promote it on their social media platforms to help drive audiences over to it.
    • Helping us at expos, and events (if and when the circumstance allow - i.e. financially, time-wise, etc…).
    • THE MOST IMPORTANT REQUIREMENT is ambassadors must represent the brand’s message explicitly. This brand is about self-love and positivity. At no time will online bullying be allowed as an ambassador for this brand!

    Unfortunately, our ambassador program does not pay for travel expenses to expos and/or events, so depending on where the expo is located, and if you are an ambassador and are able to make the expo or event, we would love for you to join us our booth! There are some occasions where we will be able to offer room and board for free if you have paid your own travel expenses.

    How to qualify and/or be considered to become an Ambassador?

    Puff Mistress will only have 6 ambassadors at a time. If you don't make it into the ambassador program, please see our affiliate program! There will be only a single round to the application process: Passing the first set of qualifications. Once you’ve applied when our applications open up and you have been emailed that you've passed, you’re in! To be considered into the program, we will be asking a series of questions:


    • What does confidence mean to you?
    • Are you following Puff Mistress’s Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube accounts?
    • Have you made a genuine purchase from us (meaning it excludes any promotional giveaway items or gift store credit you won or received as a gift)?
    • How consistently do you engage with us on social media (comment on our posts and stories and direct message, re-post our posts or podcast episodes)?
    • Have you mentioned or posted about our brand and message on your own account?
    • Do you have a personal brand you are building and an Instagram profile that demonstrates this?
    • How much does your own personal brand connect with the message of  empowerment, self-development, self-love, body positivity & positive personal growth?
    • Is your social media account public?
    • How much do you engage with your audience on your social media accounts? (i.e. do you post regularly, are you responding to most comments on your post, do you offer valuable information to your audience? Do you network with other people/ brands on social media?).