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5 July 2021                                        

Puff Mistress Mentionables Presents "The Bawdy Positive Lingerie Show"

Jacksonville, Florida— Committed to promoting self-love for women everywhere, Puff Mistress is using its expertise as a size-inclusive boutique to host its inaugural event. The Bawdy Positive Lingerie Show aims to inspire, embrace, and celebrate women of all body types. Ranging from 0 to 5x, Puff Mistress has dedicated its boutique to hand-picked garments that add sexiness in a way that helps people feel incredible in their skin.

The body-positivity movement has expanded in the fashion industry. Society is expanding the definition of beauty not only embracing difference but doing so in empowering ways. "The goal of this fashion show is for everyone to be able to identify themselves, for everyone to accept themselves as they are in their size. It's a movement of kindness towards oneself and others, whatever the age, whatever the body type, you are sexy", says founder of Puff Mistress - Ebony Williams. As a serial entrepreneur with a true passion for helping others, she combined her love of lingerie with a desire to inspire people to create a boutique that promotes confidence with each hand-selected piece. Ebony’s personal self-care journey began with a Lupus diagnosis. She found confidence and empowerment in her journey for a healthier lifestyle and lost 70 pounds in the process. Her experience also revealed the limits of lingerie that both fit and made her feel sexy. That journey is why she ensures her brand represents every beautiful body type. Ebony’s belief, and The Puff Mistress ethos, “Be Sexy for Yourself First”, represents the way to channel your inner self-love journey.

The Bawdy Positive Lingerie Show will be the 1st of many. This event will quickly become a premier event in Jacksonville, FL. The Lingerie show will be hosted by Tyrica Nelson, the owner of TeaPosh Naturals, sponsored by JWhite Credit University, and all vendors will be provided by 1Bridge Connect. With careful attention to detail, the event will center and celebrate women of every size and body type who love their bodies and themselves. On July 17th at 1Bridge Connect located in Regency Mall from 2pm-6pm, experience the empowerment of sexy and the body positive movement. This show is dedicated to people who want to celebrate the beauty of everyone.

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